Photo Essays

Visual series that explore themes and moods, and take us into the eye of the beholder.

Photo Essay

Rotten Fruit

Photo Essay

In the Shallows

Photo Essay

Frances III

Photo Essay

For Palestine

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Silver State

Photo Essay

Floating World

Photo Essay

Sunny Up

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Ballina Jockey Club

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

A Sea of Lights

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Arcadia at Sea

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Mi Casa

Photo Essay

Muslim Girls Fence

Photo Essay

Ebony Beach Club

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Big Tujunga

Photo Essay

Moments Before Checkout

Photo Essay

Siren Suspended

Photo Essay

My First Time in Siargao

Photo Essay

Not In Kansas

Photo Essay

A Lap Around the Sun in the Cyclades

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Sacred and The Profane

Photo Essay

Dakar, A Cartography

Photo Essay

Tiny Swords

Photo Essay

Plays Well with Others

Photo Essay

Selkie’s Skin

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Corniche Summer

Photo Essay

On Balconies We Pray

Photo Essay

Soft Beauty

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Manok Panabong

Photo Essay

To Dwell Among Sheep & Horses

Photo Essay

LA Winter

Photo Essay

This Is Cancer In The End

Photo Essay

The Art of Asking

Photo Essay

Saint Joseph’s Night

Photo Essay

Kate Sweeney x Lomography

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Human Collective

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Season of the Witch

Photo Essay

Jason & Kareem

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

A Study in Red

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Monster Jam

Photo Essay

Where is the Friend’s Home?

Photo Essay

Alayna at the Farm

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Right to Play

Photo Essay

Lighting a Cosmic Fire

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Five Days at the Fair

Photo Essay

Glow On

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

In Bloom

Photo Essay

The Renaissance Men

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

La Pura Vida

Photo Essay

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Photo Essay

Bright Idea

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

In the Name of God

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Soul Mining

Photo Essay

Hey Dolly

Photo Essay

Kabul’s Hospital for War Injuries

Photo Essay

Insert (Narrative)

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Where the Heart Is

Photo Essay

Derby Girls

Photo Essay

In the Meantime, In Between Time

Photo Essay

Gems of Zanzibar

Photo Essay

Frances at the Field

Photo Essay

How To Love a Snail

Photo Essay

An Afternoon with the Sun

Photo Essay

On A Roll

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Rural / 鄉村

Photo Essay

My Blue Heaven Happy Place

Photo Essay

Purplish Pink

Photo Essay

Inflection Point

Photo Essay

Headspace Parade

Photo Essay

Pink Ladies

Photo Essay

Colour of a Town

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

You are Your Only Constant

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Fade: Los Angeles

Photo Essay

Inner Child

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Backyard Dance Party

Photo Essay

Chosen Vessel

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Niza Jay

Photo Essay

Stay Home Still Life

Photo Essay

Looking Out from Within, 2020

Photo Essay

Abandoned: Before Pandemic

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Allergy Academy

Photo Essay

Le Tour

Photo Essay

Dogtown Afternoon

Photo Essay

Parks and No Recreation

Photo Essay

George Floyd Paddle Out, 2020

Photo Essay

Che Forever

Photo Essay

Isolation Station

Photo Essay

Mirage City

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Flat Track

Photo Essay

The Work of the West

Photo Essay

Do I Make You Thorny, Baby?

Photo Essay

Rubber Glove Street Scenes

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Connecting Without Connecting

Photo Essay

Portraits in the Age of Quarantine

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Mumbai’s Female Firefighters

Photo Essay

Ridgewood Kids

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Back Then…

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Each Person A Home

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Women on Sofas

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Spectrum of Duplicity

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Piñata District

Photo Essay

Close Encounters

Photo Essay

Flowers or Fruit

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Late Late Summer

Photo Essay

An Honest Gaze

Photo Essay

Alley Cat

Photo Essay

Retro Arcade

Photo Essay

King of Pentacles

Photo Essay

Horses in the Back

Photo Essay

Circus Comes to Town!

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Chosen Family

Photo Essay

The County Fair

Photo Essay

Ellissa & Harry

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Great Salt Lake

A reflection on past lifetimes


Following your muse

Spirit Guide

Tranquility in being alone

For The Soul

A people amidst the ages

In Between

Wandering through the possibilities


The magic of summer

What’s Left of July

Camp Through Mockumentary

Winter Games

Embrace your true self

Nothing in Between

Natural nostalgia in the fields

Dream to Me

Photo Essay


An exchange of energies

The Art of Letting Go

Creativity as catharsis

All Are Welcome

Reality transcending dreams

Mere Image

Painting in photographs


Let subjects show who they are

Story of a Body

Basking in springtime blooms

May Day

A study of energies

Color Me Happy

Building a world together


Everything is an opportunity to shoot

Maṭār Ḥamad al-Duwalī

Bringing life to self-imagined lifestyles

Everything You Need, Want, Love

Memory as inspiration

Concrete Jungle

Seek excitement, not perfection



On the Subject of Joy

Follow wherever curiosity leads

The Owner Behind the Mask 

Don't fear the shadows

Light & Dark

Show a place with fresh eyes

The Breathing Hour

Let the personality shine through

Fluffy & Nice

Her Los Angeles magic

Red Dream

The region to its fullest

Down the Hills, Up the Mountains

Completely in the moment

A Sunday in Ridgewood

Humble yet powerful

Nikola Lenivets

The importance of personal work

Nya in the Pool

Women supporting women

Stronger Together

An intersection of culture and heritage


Embracing power in emotion

Modern Monarch

A rainy day downtown


Male fragility made flesh

Fragile Masculinity

Finding inspiration in Western visuals

Red River Blues

Competing in the race of the season

No One Fights Alone

The balance of old and new

Never Too Much

Participating in the reality of strangers


Stuck between youth and adulthood

I Wish I Still Felt Young

Kickstarting creativity with a single skateboard


Savana Ogburn vs the Afterlife

Heavenly Hosts and Dastardly Ghosts

Taking cool to new levels


Exploration through examination

No Direction

Christmas delight

Silver Bells

Festivities in the Woods


The indomitable spirit of youth


This is being truly alive

Beauty in the Shadow

Capturing the intimate world of camp

Summer Daze 

The feeling of complete safety

It’s Real

A fly on the wall at Desert Daze


Artificial light in a built environment

Our Eyes Grow Accustomed to the Dark

Photo diary of fading freedoms

Once Is Never

What does red mean to you?


The cultural landscape of the USA

A New America

A love letter to Saint Lucia

Block 6

A merging of atmospheres

Pine Groove

Fullness over fantasy


Staying faithful to the Western self

Desert Detour

Afro-futuristic France

Les Arènes De Picasso

DIY motorbike racing in Québec

Fast, Loud and Foolish

Strange and sweet all at once

Honey Child

Seeing rainbows in everything

Chromalogical Order

The Artist at work and at rest

Champagne Wishes and Cavier Dreams

Intimacy before the stage

The Final Moment

Moseying for weeks at a time

Tired Miles and Hazy Days 

In her own world

A Butterfly Underwater

Where humans & plants meet

The Ivy

A visit to mother's Home

Asia’s City of Love

Childhood desires brought to life

Post-Modern Suburbia

Foreground and background

Times Two

An exploration of Hong Kong


...Including Mother Earth

Respect Your Mother 

Learning to be free


Running through fairytale lands


Friendship and togetherness


A link to history

Cemented In Self

Making women feel powerful everyday


Breaking apart the perfect family portrait

The Family

The duality between dreams and practicality

Ambrose, the Starving Artist

Preferences come to life

That’s Sensible

Roaming free with the horses

Cowboy of Camargue

One color, many meanings


We're no longer children


Look on the brighter side

When Life Gives You Lemons

Found moments on Coney Island

Mermaid Parade

"I think you're easy to trust"

A Night in Nashville

Acceptance in solitude

Finding Home

Down to earth in Buenos Aires

Take It Easy

Celebrating youth and individuality

Electric Youth

A hopeful narrative of young Palestine

One With The Dust

Nostalgia of childhood

Play With Me

I'll be back soon

Will Return

Synergy between land and love

Mystic Voyage

Abolish ICE

Apply Heat, Melt ICE

Daily life as it is

Love is Present

Artist Muse Artist


Empowerment versus Destruction

Consumed Reflection

The place between life and death


Exploring the music festival microorganism


A walk around Venice

Blue Road

Age doesn't define who you are

Grandma’s House

Self reflection through documentation

Silent Retreat

Good things come in threes


Becoming part of the commune


Coming together in self-portraiture

Desert Stars

A weekend in the desert

Palm Dreams

The humanity behind the poster boards

March for Our Lives

Tradition collides with the Now


You are my Beloved


A sense of style and poise

West End Girls

Hand-tinted dreams

Technicolor Spring

Memories & the passage of time

Sleepy Time Down South

The fantasy of visiting Cox’s Bazaar

Yellow Flower

Spotlight on the streets

The World’s A Stage

Curative benefits of spiritual connection

Santa Muerte

A month in Tokyo

To See You One More Time

The MayDay show at midnight

Only in New Orleans

Breakthrough via transformation


Four days in the Big Easy

Kate Sweeney x Vans Vision Walk

'Art' during early life

Tactile Translations

Conglomeration of Black collaboration

What About Now

Synchronicity in our diversity


All that glitters in darkness

Between the Horizon

Navigating the loop that leads to anywhere

Every Shade a Color

A Lost Tribe

Gold Leaf

A kaleidoscope of people

See Me

Being you in the open

Rey Bae

A moment in space & time


What do you love about yourself?

Tiny Victories

Connected in Heart


Change through color

Layers of Grey

Finding bliss through showing bliss

Chasing Joy

Photographic Eulogy

Sudden Death

Skating through the park


Life after Irma

Virgin Island Strong

Acting out a play

Pink Fit

Somewhere from wonderland


Mountain high fashion

The Clearest Way

Change through action

14 March

The sliver of perfect light

Gold Can Stay

In search of healing

The Giving Earth

Inspiration run wild


Function versus form

Indoor Olympics

Safe haven in the city

Upper West Side

Documenting the night

In the Green Room

Light, life & lust


What Jodhpur offers

Gateway to Thar

Sense of revival

The Big Chop

Celebrating a life


A new connection


Photo Essay

From the Sea

Portrait of the artist


Freedom Through Movement


The Need to be consumed

I Want You to Miss Me 

Experiencing gaze

Comfort Zones

Power & essence

Her Sun

Stark but intimate

Gauzy Glamour

Timeless fleet

Havana Taxi Company

Embodying eras gone by

Feelings of Nostalgia

Their favorite selves


Photo Essay

Jefferson Ave

Riding the west-coast rails

Coast Starlight

Feeling of emptiness

The Year 2150

Synthesizing the past

Incongruous Shades

Mother, transformed


Exploration on ownership

Zone 22

Stars shine at night

The Queens of Baltimore

Photographing beyond the surface


Visit to the state fair

The Lonely Star

Teenage snapshot


Friendship through a lens


Man of faith


Inspired by fashion


Fish market still life


Between fear and confidence


Making new memories

The Hours are Full

Examples of freedom

Vanished Spirits

Sharing the weight


The people of Villaveza Del Agua

Pueblo People

Art as exploration


Beginning to fit in

She Belongs

Collision of man & environment


Learning a new life

In The Beginning

Come together and create

Before You Go

Color & movement


A Night at the Rink

Skate Life

Moments of Truth


Exploring human connection


Memoirs from daughters


Exploration & change


The people of Manhattan's East Village


The blessing of friendship


Nashville neons and the Great Eclipse

The Invisible Strings

Memory as a color

Pink Lady

Peace, solitude, and comfort

Danielle on Washington Square

A tribute to childhood


Sunday afternoon on the crest

Moto Mavens

Favorite place with favorite model

Summer with Jenn

to be Loved and Hated in America

Rage & Grace

Emotion, frozen

Stillness in Motion

A Summer Evening Reverie

Color Dry

Travel for joy

A Dream of Summer

Mind's interior

The Creative Mind

Unity is essential

Rise Up

Leader of the band

The Drum Major

Personality as performance

Vos Sentio

Comfort and mystery in desolation

Places Long Gone

When we hurt, we move


Unpredictable conditions

Come as You Are

Disposable fashion


A place beyond sleep


Renewal by walkabout

The Year We Were Baptized

Lucidity after loss

Disruption Breaks

A week in the woods


Out of the box, in the water


Collaboration & kitch

A Day at the Inn

Delightfully terrifying

Clown Baby

Good Vibe Session


From critique, inspiration

A Sunken Place

New telling of an ancient story


The flood of narratives


The children of Castro's legacy

Loyalty, Siempre

Holding on for eight seconds

Raging Bulls

DJ Collective, Not Yet

Primary Girls

$20 Light Show


Fashion Gold

Off the Pitch

A Strange Nostalgia

Hollywood Forever

A tale just out of reach

How the West Was

Home as Heart

In This Place

Short & Sweet in Sin City

Vegas Romp

Collaborative Supernova


Shooting in a Haze

Bodega Flowers

Intimacy on display

Confluence in Charlotte

Life on the G Train

Headed to Church (Ave.)

The Objectified Man

Dreamy Handsome Soft Boy

A timeless trip through America

Nothing Has Changed

Celebration of platonic relationships

Infinite Tenderness

Musing on the concept of solitude

A Place Not Far From Here

Soft colors against hard stone


A dance in the desert

Too Dry to Cry

Driven by color/motion/location/composition

Current State of Mind

Kate Plays in Duotone

Kelsey x The Impossible Project

Gang violence in El Salvador

Small Town, Big Hell

Overflowing with whimsical expression

Queers For Fears

Emotion in every movement


Journey is the Destination

Rainbow Basin

Capturing her as she is

The Switch

A quiet observation of growth


Transitioning from Day to Night

The Outskirts

Working with the Dark

Daytime Shadow

Community comes together

Alexis is back in New York

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Repeat.

Out of Office

Alive in an Unraveling America

Heavy Elephants

A rendezvous journey with a Daltonist

The Ghost Town

A High School In Texas, After Hours 

School’s Out 

Architectural spaces in Córdoba, Argentina

My Hometown

A solo road trip to Big Sur

Slouching Towards Bethlehem 

Don't be afraid to play, and have some fun.

Available Light

Reconnecting with Photography

Dreams Interrupted

The subconscious, brought to life


Shot in the wilds of Los Angeles

Observed Behavior

Androgyny, punk, and fashion

Butch & Femme

Invitation to the Oscars 

True Moon – Hollywood Babylon

Exploring the streets of Kumasi

Eti sen?

The symbols of privilege and its history

Spoiled Milk

A journey through Big Sur

The Color of Distance

A sunny LA afternoon with Lila

Fair Park Ave

Vintage style and grace

Hidden Treasure

One foot rooted on land, the other testing mysterious waters

Queen of Cups

Expatriates in the United States of America


La Habana : Beauty pockets and the soul of the city

Heart of Gold

An exploration of the American West

Go West, Young Man

Renderings of subconscious refuges


We often confuse emotional intimacy with sexual intimacy...


The world is different when it’s upside down.


Otherworldliness of softly sculpted dunes

Impressions of Morocco

Unrequited love's a bore, yeah

Glad To Be Unhappy

Kaleidoscopic delirium made flesh

Higher Ground

In memory of Daniel Loper

Color Therapy

Playful behavior. Coy confidence.


A period of travel, work, unrest, searching, and observing.

Missed Direction

Stimulating and therapeutic color

If I were a Painter

Platonic friends become lovers

Secret Valentine

Female power in the brightest light

The Rise of a Woman

Philadelphia songstress Taylor “X2” Simone


A Day with a Web Celeb

Alexander the Great

Photo-bliss in an island getaway

24 Hours in Catalina, Part Two

An ethereal world far from our own

Earth Witch

Explore the powerful energy that lives inside and outside of Brazilian women

Female Energy

Golden haired hills, clean kicks and stained laces.

Home / Land

Modern day cowboys herding American Bison

The Antelope Island Bison Roundup

Stripped down in a very public Cenote

Get Wet Tulum 

Family Life in Tanoboase

Akwaaba Means Welcome

Is this our 2017?

Coronation & Revolt

A safe place, stripped bare

Behind Closed Doors

An alternative view of America’s normal

The Other Side

A tour through the wreckage

Chernobyl 2016

Photo-bliss in an island getaway

24 Hours in Catalina, Part One

A neon-lit nighttime adventure

Vangelis Blues

Coping with depression through photography

On The Edge

An afternoon with Potty Mouth lead singer and guitarist Abby Weems

Mind Glow

The more oxygen the better

Benefits of Houseplants

Three months volunteering for the US Forest Service

Summer in Red Lodge

Making the most of photographing a legend

Dreams Do Come True

Transitions, as seen through the relationship of two young girls

Don’t Wish Me Well

Style, share, reflect, get familiar with a new muse each session

To be, Polyphony

A stroll in SoHo

Today is the Day

On the Western amusement of the rodeo

Arizona State Fair All-Indian Rodeo 

The subjectivity of the word adventure is what makes it so beautiful

The Meaning of Adventure 

An exploration of confused senses


Demonstrations of tranquility in the face of adversity

Silent Fighter

A visual marking of the transition from summer to autumn

Autumn Verses

Strange occurrences in a woman's home

Apt. 25

Visual souvenirs of a search for solitude

Lost in Mexico

Traditional healers in contemporary South Africa


A visual journal exploring the beauty within your own country

Walking in Fireweed, A Remembrance

Emergent thoughts from waking dreams

The Somnambulist

Photo Essay

Search Party

Inspired by Nigerian youth's progressive outlook


What does it mean to be both black and a woman in our current society?


Wild abandon, no restraints, and no pressure to create

Getting Lost to get Found

Our gaze mirrors hidden intentions

Line of Sight

Learning to accept, love and realize yourself


Break outside your own barriers

A Given Space

Transport yourself to East Africa

A to B Nairobi

National fever in chilly Iceland

Áfram Ísland!

Fiction never looked so lovely

Me vs. Others

Finding new inspiration through hope and admiration


Photo Essay

Break of Dawn

Photo Essay

Able to be.

Photo Essay

Girls of FYF

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Summer Never Ends

Photo Essay

Mindful Indulgence

Photo Essay

Portraits Pt. 1

Photo Essay

Peace of Mind

Photo Essay

Quest for PrincessDom

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Sunny Hill

Photo Essay

Syracuse Nationals

Photo Essay

White Light

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Same, but Different

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Of The Sea

Photo Essay

Hang Time

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The In-Betweens

Photo Essay

Idle Pt. 2

Photo Essay

Sound of Silence

Photo Essay

The Girl Next Door

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Elephants in Captivity

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Slow Thaw

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

A Material Matter

Photo Essay

Temporary Solace

Photo Essay

The Boys of Myanmar

Photo Essay

Learn to Fly

Photo Essay

The Finals

Photo Essay

One Last Night

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Off The Grid

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Marisa Papen

Photo Essay

Hallowed Ground

Photo Essay

Rock Bottom

Photo Essay

Where Lines Meet

Photo Essay

She’s the Magnetic Outcome

Photo Essay

Hidden in East London

Photo Essay

Personal Fears

Photo Essay

When I Live My Dream

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

Shanelle in Chinatown

Photo Essay

Tokyo Bound

Photo Essay

Ockenfels x Brooke Eva

Photo Essay

Under the Sun

Photo Essay

On Friendship

Photo Essay

Aching for Purity

Photo Essay

Suburban Youth

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

A Familiar Ruin

Photo Essay

Sabine in Plum

Photo Essay

Land & Sea

Photo Essay

We Took the Cake

Photo Essay

Raised by Rats

Photo Essay

My Grandfather’s House

Photo Essay

Trips to Dreamworld

Photo Essay

Ockenfels x Cam Damage

Photo Essay

Under Grey Skies We Carry On

Photo Essay

Portrait of a Quiet Girl

Photo Essay


Photo Essay


Sun and fun at an LA beach

Heart of Summer

Photo Essay

Eurydice of the Grove

Photo Essay


Photo Essay

The Headlands

Photo Essay

Around The World

Photo Essay

Like an Origami Crane