One With The Dust

Essay 315 • Jul 27th 2018

By and large, any media coverage of Palestine has focused on the ongoing armed conflict and political chaos; images of masked protesters, buildings in ruin and families in mourning. Although shocking, this narrative begins to feel isolated, unrelateable and the viewer becomes detached from the true lives of the subjects and their communities. 

During this project I was under the umbrella of the charity skateboarding organisation SkatePal, through which I was in direct contact with young Palestinians and a village community that showed hope, enthusiasm and beautiful human spirit which I believe will always exist no matter the circumstance. A humane narrative and display of emotion to help the subjects feel relatable and illustrate that we are all living the same life and shared human experience.


Alaric Macdonald
I’m 27 and studied photography in New Zealand. I’ve been living in London for almost 4 years, now. As for accolades, there’s not much to state yet. My photography up until now has been a personal exploration with the process being enough to satisfy and ideas of publishing or wider exposure fell by the wayside. This story however is important, and important for people to see.
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