The Lonely Star

Essay 236 • Dec 29th 2017

As a photographer I always look for the most interesting and weird subjects/moments to document. I was born and raised in Madrid and had always heard of stereotypes from the south of the United States, so I decided to check it out myself. I traveled to Denton, a small college town about an hour away from Dallas, where every summer the North Texas State Fair takes place.

During its nine-day run I documented how modern society collides with the classic southern traditions and costumes of cowboys, country music and rodeo.  Starting with the inaugural parade around town, followed by daily pig races, livestock contests and rodeo. I was impacted by Its population and how mostly everyone was welcoming and friendly. I didn’t have a car so I met up with my friend Jacob (who I met through Instagram) and he drove me around different locations including the Fort Worth Stockyards, where we found a horse training ranch which owns exotic animals and a giraffe named Gerald.  


Victor Llorente was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. In the summer of 2015 at an age of 19 decided to move to New York to study photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he’s a junior today and was awarded the Gordon Parks Foundation Scholarship. Victor’s work is dedicated to document modern society and how it interacts with the change of it´s environment and modern technology.  With ongoing projects like his street photography of everyday life in New York City to documenting events and subcultures like skaters or drag queens, Victor captures the most human side of his subjects.

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