The Photographic Journal

Each Person A Home

Essay 430 • Mar 1st 2020

I met Sira through chance. On the day we decided to shoot together, I felt an immediate connection to her. Her kindness, vulnerability, and personal drive pulled me in and left me wanting more. She is a woman with a strong story to tell, fueled with power and passion. When we entered our shooting space, we were completely alone to discover the history and secrets of this old house. Each room held its own story and energy. Connected creatively in these spaces, we made these images together.

Sira became a performer, laced with the honesty of her true self - a mix that was theatrical, enticing, and inspiring. As the day came to an end, I exited the house as quietly as I entered it, left only with these photographs as a memory. 


Nike De Carlo is a twenty-five year-old photographer from Brooklyn, NY. “Documenting youth is important to me because it is a subject that is passionate, never-ending, and fresh. I see boys and girls longing to be free, to be loved, and to experience the wholeness of living. My work relies on the environments that my subjects call home – their secret places where they are most accepted and safe. I choose to document this subject to define the meaning of immunity, discovery, relationships, and friendships.”
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