The Photographic Journal

Desert Stars

Essay 300 • Jun 18th 2018

Birdee and I have been internet friends for years. We have always shared a similar love for self-portraiture as a tool for both therapeutic retrospection and artistic challenge. We wanted to shoot somewhere that felt significant, and decided on the desert. On the drive out we shared stories about self-portraiture and its role in our lives. About finding ourselves as women, as people, as artists. Before we knew it, we were running around the Trona Pinacles, feeling the sun warm our skin, photographing each other (separately and together), the desert, the golden light as it transformed the mysterious and anthropomorphic rocks around us. We watched the silhouettes fade as the sky filled up with thousands of tiny gleaming stars, stars that the brightness of the city often hides. We both remarked on how easy it is to forget they are always there. But lord, isn’t it nice to be reminded?


Hannah Rose Murphy
Originally from the mountains of Salt Lake City and based out of Los Angeles, Hannah Rose is an artist learning how to care best for herself and others.
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Model: Birdee