The Photographic Journal

The Big Chop

Essay 257 • Feb 23rd 2018

The start of a new life, a new you, a new look, new energy--a woman's sense of revival. A rebellion against societal norms placed upon Black women. We can't be too feminine and we can't be too masculine. "Can't" - a word, a direction, a thought, an insecurity placed upon women to keep them complacent in a box of should be's. 

This photoset explores the beauty of women, serving both masculine and feminine energy. The battle of joy and anger of letting go a part of ourselves we once spent so much time trying to perfect while discovering our own definition of beauty in the midst of it all.  


Dee Williams is a NYC-based photographer capturing color and creating imagery that makes the status quo uncomfortable.



Model: Andrea Angarica
Stylist: Talia Bella
Style Assistant: Melissa Registre
Styling Credits:
Look 1:
– Hoodie (
– Black tule skirt (Narciss by Alise Trautmane @narcissfashion)
– Shoes (@vans)
Look 2:
– Black pants and pink top with lace trim (Saku @Saku_newyork) 
– Off white leather boots (Tibi @tibi) 
Look 3:
– Black coat (@GwenSalakaia_ )
– Virgil Tee (@Millinneal_NYC)
– Red pants (@korsunofficial) 
– Disco shoes (@americanapparel)