Essay 227 • Dec 4th 2017

A couple weeks ago my friend cried in his bedroom for 2 hours straight. He told us about it a little later. My other friend just broke up with his girlfriend, he cried in front of us till a friend made him laugh so hard he started coughing. The same guy came in crying a week later, and he ended up laughing this time too. Another friend drank so much that he puked 6 times; it was a rough week.

I’m not sure why all this pain comes to the best people I know, but together we are able to bear the weight. As friends we take up each other’s burdens, and that’s why life is good sometimes. We fill each other up—up right to the brim—full of God knows what. 

So this is Danny – bearing all of our crosses.


Austin Bland is a twenty-year-old photographer from Kansas City currently based out of Los Angeles, California, and he is a philosophy student at Biola University. Austin hopes that through his photos he will better understand himself and his Creator.

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