Vegas Romp

Essay 175 • Jul 28th 2017

I had plans to meet my British best friend in Vegas for a night, but I wanted to do some work there as well. I knew Hailey was nearby in Salt Lake area and so I invited her to meet me in Vegas 2 days earlier for some shooting.
She greeted me at my gate in the airport, clad in her cute glasses and industrious orange backpack. And through the following evening, we romped around the strip carrying with us our belongings, camera dangling from my neck and chunky heels from her pack. I love the inherent sense of imagination and ridiculousness of Vegas. And of course find it all extremely photogenic. We made it to different areas of Vegas, Hailey showing me some of her favorite spots from her frequent travels as a girl with her father on business trips. Documenting all the adventures, ‘Vegas Romp' is our story of a short and sweet time in Sin City.


Lauryn Hare (b. June 11, 1985) is a portrait photographer from Portland, Oregon whose work began in 2006 in the darkroom. She focused immediately on portraits of women and herself. Since then, Lauryn has designed a degree at Marylhurst University in Portland, Oregon called ‘Imagery-Sustained Healing’, which explores the therapeutic benefits of self-portrait photography. She has traveled extensively through the US and parts of Canada and Europe pursuing her work. Lauryn and LHP Studio are based in Portland, Oregon.

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Model: Hailey Jelaire