The Photographic Journal

Too Dry to Cry

Essay 166 • Jul 5th 2017

Kelsey has always been one of those friends I can easily shoot with, whether it's on a whim, or a bit more planned out like this one. As the sun started to make its way past high noon, we decided to make the drive from her apartment in LA out to the desert to find the elusive old church from Kill Bill, one of my favorite Tarantino films. Although the church was our final destination, we pulled off the road a handful of times for anything that caught our eye along the way. Just as the sun began to make its final decent, we finished the shoot at the church and some vacant buildings in the surrounding area. I'm always proud of the shots I get when I collaborate with Kelsey, but this one more than most was a blast, and we're both thrilled with what we got.


Ethan Gulley

I was born and raised in Alabama and moved to LA last fall for the opportunity to continue pursuing photography and design. I work full time at a pretty awesome creative agency in Venice and love all my coworkers. Outside of agency work and my side projects that keep me busy, you can find me camping in the desert on the weekends and searching for the best tacos around.

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Model: Kelsey Christian

Stylist: Mel Eligon