Essay 503 • Aug 7th 2022

I sent Nora a DM telling her my plans and asked if she would be game for a desert shoot. Nora is always down. Other than the location, I had no clear ideas as to what I wanted to shoot. I just wanted to shoot.

We shot for 4 hours in 110 degree heat in sweltering hot sand.

These are the results.
I can’t help but notice the an obvious theme.
Rebirth. Resurrection. Renewal.


Shelbie Dimond is a photographer, print-maker, model & actress based in Paris, France. Her work seeks to evoke a potent nostalgia through the use of analog techniques and character-driven scenarios. Focusing on the power of self-portraiture and the female form, her photos reveal a deep sincerity and connection with the process of photography itself.
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Model: Nora Jean