The Photographic Journal

Pine Groove

Essay 349 • Oct 29th 2018

I love exploring old locations. Such places in Ukraine are rare to find. Mostly they are turned into modern offices or some other institutions with chic-looking renovation. This is a cafe in suburbs of Kiev. It's like a public diner on the territory of the factory mostly visited by employees of the old plant. So the images with the girls were set up, but the surroundings, atmosphere and other people - real life. We came in the morning and made these shots during the lunch with local visitors. I wanted my characters to become the same as workers. So that they merge with the atmosphere of this beautiful cafe that might be renovated soon and turned into some ugly chain coffee-house or something else. So I'm even thinking of creating more series of shots with vanishing places like that one.


Artem Nadyozhin (1984) was born in Sverdlovsk, Ukraine but raised in Pervomaysk. I remember my childhood among tumbledown factories and abandoned quarries where we used to swim. The weather normally was calm and foggy so the landscape always seemed to be blurred. Maybe that’s where my photography style comes from. I do not like to use bright colors or saturation and contrast effects. I tend to monochromatic pictures, muted and subdued colors as if the picture has already faded.
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Stylist: Yana

Models: OlesyaDasha