Essay 332 • Sep 7th 2018

We move even when we are not at our very best. We release energy to feel empowered in a way that pushes us forward, even when we feel stuck. This series was in response to my depression, keeping up with the pace of everyday life.

In my journal, I used to write what was on my mind every morning. I left this half-written page, one in particular was dated November 2, 2016, and it reads:

“Our emotions validate that specific time and many heartbeats in each situation that we may face. Our mind wanders. What’s going to happen next as our soul dances in a rhythm without imperfections, what are my imperfections and why do I have to suffer because I am myself?”

MOVE shows that you are strong, even when no one else is paying attention. MOVE is something that indicates love and learning to be free even when your mindset is damaged. At the end of the day, you are your own person. It is okay to feel moved.


Kashira Dowridge a.k.a. Kai, is a Detroit based Artist. She is a fine art photographer, filmmaker, creative, and an optimist.
Kai’s passion for photography started off from telling stories through her own eyes as a child. She studied and watched how people’s different expressions on their faces and bodies translated into their stories, and then transferred this into art. This was how she knew portraiture was important to her, telling stories through people. She knew nothing about photography or knew it was even a career option until she reached the age of 16. She then discovered people who are now her daily inspirations like Bee and Roger Walker, Vivian Maier, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, and many more who had influenced and inspired her to dig deeper into the craft. Kai continues her love for photography and continually photographs throughout all of Detroit and beyond.
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