When we founded The Photographic Journal in 2013 we had a single purpose: To chat with the photographers we love, climb into their brains and figure out what makes them tick. 

Over the years, we’ve expanded beyond that original aim, as we’ve come into contact with more and more talented people. Today we serve as a platform where photographers of all levels can explore the medium they love. We publish boundary-pushing images that make us feel more connected on a human level, and we strive to help our creative community better serve each other as mutual sources of inspiration.

The idea behind TPJ is simple: We are entranced by photography. We get a real and genuine thrill out of exploring the booming landscape of the medium, and in the process, we offer a place where the newest and most creative voices can be heard.

The Photographic Journal Staff

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Our Team

Agustin Sanchez
Founder, Publisher

Lou Noble

SuzAnne Steben
Managing Editor

Paige Mauriello
Essays Editor

Asa Featherstone, IV
Contributing Editor

Sally Reynolds
Contributing Editor

Kate Sweeney
Staff Photographer, Photographer-in-Residence (2016-2019)

Jason Travis
Photographer-in-Residence, 2020