The Photographic Journal

Cemented In Self

Essay 329 • Aug 31st 2018

I wanted to explore the unshakable presence of the black spirit when it comes to documentation of the black bodies, specifically in a time where there is an obsession with the use of black and brown bodies as props of "coolness" and mainstream "culture."  Despite this obsession and the emptiness that comes along with it, society does not successfully objectify us - black and brown peoples.  Our spirit cannot be stolen or remanufactured at the will of media.  In this photo series, the models carry a spirit, a link to history, a thought deeply ingrained in their bodies, their skin, their soul that belongs only to them, to the history of their people, and to the people they will later pass this spirit onto.


Aissa Rose Gueye is a Senegalese writer and artist.  Her work primarily focuses on themes of race,  gender, immigration politics and displacement. She earned her B.A. in Film and African-American studies at Wesleyan University and she will be attending NYU’s Low Residency MFA Fiction Program this coming January.  She currently resides in New York City.
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