Do I Make You Thorny, Baby?

Essay 441 • May 7th 2020

My favorite thing about photography is the moment when I'm shooting and I can tell that it's working. It's this magical, affirming feeling that makes me say, "Oh shit! I do know what I'm doing! I haven't forgotten how to take a good photo and maybe I didn't peak at 18! Thank GOD."
That feeling certainly doesn't show up every time I shoot- it can be a little elusive- and typically appears when I'm working with people that are willing to metaphorically roll their sleeves up and get the shots. This was the case with this shoot! My friend/soul sister/partner in crime Kristen and I planned this shoot on a Friday- made the props, dyed some clothes green, tested makeup looks- and shot on Saturday. I love to make art like this- pretending that I’m on Project Runway: Whatever I’m Making Edition.


Savana Ogburn (she/they) is a photographer, collage artist, filmmaker, and set designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Humor, beauty, and pop culture are frequently explored in Savana’s work through a campy, colorful, and textural lens. Her goal is to tell the most wacky and surreal stories possible.
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Model: Kristen Hamby