Essay 223 • Nov 20th 2017

The story is about the interaction of a person and its environment in my country Russia. It concerns some ecological issues. Polution, recycling, natural landscape deformations and much more. All clothing items used in the story are vintage. Some of them are from Soviet times. The location is a typical suburb around the city.


Evgenia Merrick

I was born in February 1985 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I am a self taught photographer. After finishing Herzen State University I got red diploma in translating. But soon I started getting very interested in photography. Then I ended up where I am now. in my works I explore modern world and its problems: ecological, economical and psychological. I am into a new generation of photography that is much more limitless and open than ever before.


Styling: Jenya Merrick
Model: Evgeniy Loginov