The Photographic Journal


Essay 215 • Nov 1st 2017

The first shoot was inspired by exploration. Michelle's boyfriend at the time helped as she discovered herself in new shapes, his hand helping shape her in new ways; adopting new styles and nuances.

The second shoot catalogued an ode of change. Weeks after the first shoot, my camera found Michelle in wake of a breakup, and ready to shed; She holds the scissors, and now, a friend's hand helps show her who she can be. She parts ways with the past, and makes room to become the most of herself. 

The unintended poetry of this collection serves as a reminder to myself of why I am always pointing my camera at the most beautiful parts of my life. That, perhaps, it isn't happenstance that these poems are captured. That photography is sometimes the unexpected lens that lends a view into the stages of our own lives.


Jinni J is a photographer and director based in Austin, TX. Her work focuses on the feminine and the ethereal, her laugh is loud and infectious. Her music video works have premiered on Vice and Bullett Media, and her photographs have been published in Sukeban, Peachfuzz, The Fader, and Seventeen Magazine.

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Model: Michelle Cantú