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Personal Fears

Essay 29 • Apr 4th 2016

Name's Juan Veloz. I'm a 21 year old Dominican fella from Brooklyn NY. I'm all for a learning process because I am self-taught, so I feel like the trial and error process is very much appreciated.

When I started this series it was literally done out of fear. It was my first time in a studio and I was clueless as hell! But I couldn't show that. I set up lighting backwards and fell in love with the first portrait, so from there I knew I did something right. This series is based on showing diversity and personal style, I wanted to take a simple portrait and create a simple story with a nice tone of lighting. 

Growing up in Brooklyn it was very diverse but I still felt like I was being pushed to the side because I never fit in. I tried out for sports,band etc..and still nothing. Thats when I started seeing things in different light and began to love art. Picking up a camera I felt like I began to accept myself and embrace everything about my struggle. 









IMG_0841 IMG_0830

IMG_0966 IMG_0833



Juan Veloz, born in 1994, is a self taught photographer based in New York.