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Indoor Olympics

Essay 262 • Mar 7th 2018

A surreal single player game of function versus form, a playful series with a nod to the Bauhaus and Constructivist movements. The images features footwear artefacts by Jo Cope, a series of handcrafted metaphorical objects that propose an alternative to the fashion visual language. The shoes can be embodied but are not created to be worn thus they subvert the meaning and function of a conventional wearable object.


Michelle Marshall was born and bred in Lyon (France) and came to the UK in 1995 to study photography. She graduated from the University of Derby under the creative lead of influential practitioners such as John X Berger, John Blakemore and Richard Sadler to name a few.
Her work focuses on portraiture with assignments ranging from commercial to fashion editorials, backstage photography to private commissions. Her style of photography favours the candid over the contrived, and she mostly works with natural light. Her images have been featured in i-D magazine, Vice magazine, Boys by Girls magazine, Volt magazine, King Kong magazine, Nataal magazine, Red Milk magazine, King Kong Magazine.

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Model: Rebecca Ricci
Footwear Artefacts & Body Pieces: Jo Cope