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Essay 213 • Oct 27th 2017

My friendship with Annika is a total blessing, if I believed in blessings. We both love run down motels and are both vintage hoarders. She’s one of my closest friends in a city where I have almost none. For these photos, I asked Annika to go with me to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. It’s an old, defunct train station that in the 70s was turned into a museum. Along the tracks are two lines of vintage train cars, with all the original subway ads inside. We ran from train to train, traveling between the 1910s through 1980s while she shed layers of her outfit to match different decades. The museum is not a very well known place and was relatively empty when we went, so this shoot is a special one introducing a place that I love (and one of NYC’s best hidden gems) starring one of my closest friends and inspired by mid century film stills.





Baohien Ngo My name is Bao. I’m a 21 year old Texas-raised, Brooklyn-based human being who picks up a camera sometimes. My first love is social justice, closely followed by photography. I spend a lot of time thinking about radical inclusion.

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Model: Annika