Essay 355 • Nov 19th 2018

When the San Diego-based band Wild Wild Wets was invited to play the Desert Daze music festival, they asked me to come along. I would be a fly on the wall, shoot their live set and document the intimate moments with their friends and lovers. For them, this was an opportunity to get their music out to more people.  For me, it was an opportunity to be inspired and get to know the band in a deeper way.  For all of us, it was a four day adventure we would never forget.


Rick Perez, also known as ‘Good Time Rick’, is a music, portrait, and lifestyle photographer.  Since he was 15 years old, Rick has been photographing the adventures he experienced with his friends up and down the California coast.  In his mid-twenties, he decided to move to New York City to develop his eye and discover his niche.  During his 6 years in New York City, Rick has been able to uniquely capture the city’s creative inhabitants, finding his niche in the musicians of the DIY scene.  His use of light, composition, and ability to be a fly on the wall has gained him recognition from the top photographers in the industry as Photo District News’ 2018 Ultimate Music Moment Contest winner.   Recently, Rick relocated to Southern California, giving his eye a much needed blank slate.  He currently resides in San Diego, where he continues to document the DIY scene and challenge himself in another visual format, videography.
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