The Photographic Journal

Primary Girls

Essay 181 • Aug 11th 2017

These girls dance when they walk, pull you in close when they talk. As a DJ group, 'Not Yet' is an explosion of sounds, but most importantly, these ladies ooze powerful, feminine energy. I was drawn to them at first sight, in striking thrifts, standing tall. Before the shoot I found myself overwhelmed by their loud closets, but I contained my awe and in turn, brought together flavorful outfits to document their rose-colored insides. Here are Kathryn, Anne and Patricia.


Makeda Sandford is a color palette-obsessed photographer and student studying journalism from the western mountains of North Carolina.

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Modeled & Wardrobe by:

Kathryn Muller

Anne Symons

Patricia Muller


Styling By:

Christina Geneve