A Lap Around the Sun in the Cyclades

Essay 536 • Oct 8th 2023

My 31st solar return found me in a new place. As a lover of historical events, marble busts, crystal clear beaches and grilled octopus, Greece was always top of my bucket list.

Setting out in search of inspiration, I wandered the streets of Athens, Paros and Santorini at 5am, camera in hand, looking to experience their unique landscapes with uninterrupted bliss. I felt a sense of calmness.

After noon I would retreat to the beach, beating the crowds and making the most out of the Aegean sun.

These scenes tell a story about a place and its customs, landscapes and architecture. They shift the attention to the space, which lends itself as a protagonist front and center.

They document stories of cats sleeping in alleys in Santorini, barrels of feta and crabs in buckets in Athens, and beautiful architecture and clear waters in Paros.

It came as no surprise - Greece did not fail to leave me in awe. I departed with a lifelong appreciation for its timeless allure – and some newfound inspiration that I brought home with me.


Levi Walton is a photographer, director, and avid traveler based in Brooklyn, NY. With a focus on editorial and commercial work, he has worked with influent clients in the luxury, fashion and sportswear apparel industries.
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