Cowboy of Camargue

Essay 324 • Aug 20th 2018

The Camargue is a wild and savage land located in the south of France, a unique place where the Rhone river meets the mediterranean sea creating a rich and special landscape. The majority of the Camargue is protected wetlands, populated by over 400 species of birds and the Camargue Horses, indigenous to the area. The Camarague Horses are white ethereal beings, smaller than average horses and one of the oldest breeds in the world. There are still many parts of Camargue where you can find these gentle and feral beings roaming free.

I felt like I went back in time when I first went to the Camargue, and instantly fell in love. I have been riding horses for twenty years and have never met horses as magical as those in Camargue. They are truly the most gentle, friendly and beautiful creatures that I have ever seen. The horses are a reflection of the entire land, as the people I met there are all equally friendly and kind, who love animals and respect the earth that we all share. 


Kimbra Audrey is an American photographer living & working in Paris, France. She shoots exclusively on film, which she develops and prints herself at home. She is a proud animal rights and environmental activist, and only works with brands that are transparent, honest and sustainable. Her enviornmental impact on the world is equally important to the images she makes.
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