The Photographic Journal

Late Late Summer

Essay 420 • Dec 23rd 2019

Two close friends explore a wildflower field swimming in the rivers of south Florida on this early fall afternoon. They are looking for a suitable spot for a picnic filled with fruits, cheese and crackers, and not complete without the bundles of flowers they've collected on their journey.


Jordana Dale is a photographer working solely with analog film as her medium. Whether it’s commercial, editorial or fine art work, she strives to connect with her subject deeply, expressing the human condition through her work. She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography in 2014 and since then her work has been displayed in numerous gallery shows across the Southeast gathering recognition and merit awards. She currently resides in Atlanta, Ga with her dog Nova.
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Models: Hannah Lucille and Ashley Eileen
HMUA: Piper Von Hoene
Assistant: Becky Pike
Florals/Creative Direction: Sheridan Weaver