Essay 302 • Jun 22nd 2018

Inspired by color theory and the vivid neighborhoods of Echo Park, photographer Natasha Wilson chose three eye catching locations to tell the story about 3:33. Each location was matched with three outfits, including LA based designer, Big Bud Press. Three locations, three women, three colors. Repeating threes can be seen as a good omen, and it is said that you may feel insanely fulfilled by life when you see them.


Natasha Wilson
Desert born and raised, fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has had a mutual passion for art & travel her entire life. Inspired by culture and each location’s color palette, she hopes her unique perspective flows vicariously through her photographs, and transports the viewer into a dream-like world. Her process usually includes painting her own hues over her images, reducing the color pallete to a cohesive blend of hues.

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