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Essay 535 • Oct 1st 2023

"ZORBA" is a documentary journey into existentialism, based on Nikos Kazantzakis' literary work –and its subsequent film adaptation– Zorba the Greek, which explores the meaning of life through the human condition with a contemporary portrait of Greece, analyzing its history, politics, patriotism, education, social and moral issues, friendship, intellect, art, religion, family, and love.

Kazantzakis symbolically brings together, through the characters, the two sides of a philosophical dualism to combine or oppose them: Reason and Passion. The first is the belief in understanding and feeling things only through the filter of the intellect that transposes reality, that measures and theorizes all kinds of experiences and sociological barriers. The second is the surrender to circumstances without reflection, opening ourselves to the here and now with determination and with our whole being.

"ZORBA" explores the struggle between the aesthetic and the rational, the beauty and the pain of existence, the life of the mind and the life of the emotions. It is a mirror in which we see reflected our miseries and also our riches, as happens in any narrative that could have been created about the activity of people, in all civilizations and periods of humanity, which is repeated in everyday life with the same components.


I was born in Spain but for the last 14 years, I have been moving from one country to another for work in search of experiences.
I am interested in how life is composed of movement and change. Understanding societies through one’s identity as an individual and investigating and recording knowledge of the reality of one’s existence.
I graduated in Psychology and my work has been constantly influenced by it as well as philosophy, especially existentialism.
Based in Bari (Italy), currently working on long-term projects in Southern Italy and Greece.
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