The Photographic Journal


Essay 214 • Oct 30th 2017

This series is part of an ongoing project, documenting the time-honored citizens of Alphabet City in the ever changing landscape of Lower Manhattan.

My great, great grandfather, Nathan Lapkin, was the first of his family to immigrate from Russia. He was a tailor and lived at Avenue A and 4th Street in the late 1800’s. Incidentally in 2007, I moved one block away from his apartment.

* Alphabet City sits in Manhattan’s East Village, between Avenues A ,B, C and D.


Nathan Ellis Perkel

(b.1980) Raised in the warm suburbs of California’s Bay Area, Nathan was exposed to photography at a young age via his passions for music and skateboarding. He has continued to keep a youthful perspective on his surroundings ever since shooting for the likes of many commercial and editorial clients . Nathan lives and works in New York City.

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