Essay 466 • Sep 27th 2020

Back in January I had the idea to collaborate with an artist on a new photo essay. My friend Erin Miller Wray helped me bring the idea to life. We started our conversations in June, which culminated in design, painting, styling, and shooting earlier this month.

The theme of the shoot was teamwork. We mixed and matched our personal styles and inspirations. We sourced, painted, planned, and assembled all the pieces together.

And what started as a “painted wardrobe/painted set” kind of thing quickly blossomed into something more elevated. Inspirational fuel came from high-end fashion editorials, architecture, handcrafted quilts, and beyond. The result is a palette of colorful primaries grounded in moody, deep-rouge tones resembling a ‘70s motif spiked with modern.

There were a fair share of constraints, limitations, and obstacles, but we persevered. That’s all you can do in these times: harness your strength and look ahead to a brighter future.

Jason Travis is a photographer, designer, illustrator, and musician based in Los Angeles. His work has been featured by CNN, USA Today, Gizmodo, BuzzFeed, BOOOOOOOM, and many more. He’s allergic to cats, carrots, and will forever love the 90s. He is currently TPJ’s Photographer-in-Residence.
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Artist: Erin Miller Wray
Painting Assistant: Christina Bagladi

Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Clifford

Makeup Artist: Phoebe Seligman

Eden Hoogveld
Keon Saghari

The Forge in LA

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