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Pink Ladies

Essay 468 • Oct 25th 2020

In March of 2019, Ariana Lindenfelser reached out to me while she was working at the Snowden Gray Mansion, in downtown Columbus, and wanted to create a body of work inspired by the Pink Lady ghost that haunted the space.

She was an artist and painted portraits and nudes in the early 1900’s. Over the next 6 months, Ariana and I spent many long days planning, shooting, and editing. We worked with 7 models, shot in a secret garden and at the mansion, and together created over a thousand images.

These photos are very special to me as I had never created this large of a body of cohesive work for one specific project before. It was such an amazing learning experience to work this way. I couldn’t have done any of it without Ariana’s support, vision, encouragement, and care. Creating all of this took up the better part of last year, and I cherish the time we all spent working together. It was truly magic.

Originally, all of this work was going to be displayed inside of the mansion, in the Pink Lady Parlour, but it has since closed. The work will not see its original final form, but I am so thrilled to share some of them here with you now. It feels surreal to post some of these after so long.

The beautiful vintage wardrobe came from Chelsea of Continuall and Allison executed the perfect 1920’s wave in Alexia’s hair. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ariana, the models, the mansion, Nancy’s garden, the swan, and everyone who played a part. What a gift to create art with all of you.

Kate Sweeney is a self-taught photographer from Columbus, Ohio whose work has been featured in Billboard, Glamour Magazine, Teen Vogue and numerous others, and recently completed a 3-year-long residency with The Photographic Journal. She aims to make work challenging ideas of femininity with an honesty that is simultaneously defiant and inviting. She does this by utilizing the human form, color, and our connection to nature. She is obsessed with memories and takes an empathetic approach to her portraits, interested in exploring themes of memory, identity, and freedom.
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Ariana Lindenfelser is an interdisciplinary artist based in Columbus, Ohio. After studying Fine Arts at Columbus College of Art and Design, she now works predominantly with fashion, graphic, and interior design. Having a rich enthusiasm for antiquities and global curiosities, she often pulls historical references, stories, symbols and design elements to create her work. She aims to make work that is inviting, playful and a bit wild, while simultaneously authentic, smart and grounded. She is passionate about human interaction and connection and interested in pursuing creative work with other collaborators.

Models: Vivian, Alexia, Alayna, Kelsey, Nathalia, Mal, Jessica

wardrobe: Chelsea of Continuall Vintage

hair on Alexia: Allison Hannahs of Virtue Vegan Salon



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