The Spectrum of Duplicity

Essay 426 • Feb 3rd 2020

What happens when you have the time to let all the different sides of yourself reveal themselves? A visual paean to boredom, the sublime and ridiculous, this collection shows one woman embracing her multitudinous self and all that ensues.


Anne Hollowday is a NYC-based director and photographer creating affective visuals that preserves the freshness of a lived encounter.

Her award-winning work weaves a sublime tableau using light, color and composition to convey vast amounts of visual information with a formal sensuality. Her cinematic eye has enabled collaborations with the likes of Porsche, Google, Uber and Nokia, across a variety of editorial and commercial projects.

She has been recognized with awards and features from the One Club, 1.4 Awards, Shoot Magazine New Directors Showcase and American Photography.
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Additional credits:
Cinematographer: Bill Kirstein
Model: Sarah Grace Kelley
Hair Stylist: Greg Lennon, Jr
Make-up: Nicholas Lennon
Designer: Kee-Kee James @ Laurel NYC
Special thanks: The Ludlow Hotel, Kodak.