Yellow Flower

Essay 292 • May 25th 2018

Growing up in Chittagong, which is near Cox’s Bazaar, I am fascinated to see people react when they visit. This place was once called “Panowa”, which means, “Yellow flower.” Yellow Flower actually symbolizes love, joy and happiness. With this in my head I started the project. While doing this, I had always driven by instinct rather than fact. There is some kind of warmth, affection and madness in that salted air. It's become a famous honeymoon spot for the country. In this project I attempt to bring out people’s fantasy of visiting Cox’s Bazaar with their partners and try to portray them in an intimate way. I had photographed people from different classes to show how this place has a personal relationship with people from different social strata. Everyone behaved like nothing can touch them. They were so lively when they were on the beach. Everything seems so fair and playful.


Arafat Bin Siraji was born in Chittagong, Bangladesh, in 1989. He studied Photography at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. He works as a visual artist in Dhaka, Bangladesh.