The Photographic Journal

Glow On

Essay 498 • Apr 25th 2022

This shoot is the result of my most recent collaboration with Sonia Constable. Going into the session I knew that I wanted to create a wrapping, well-defined outline around her, in a nod to the Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.

Though I certainly took inspiration from Mucha’s bold outlines, I took these portraits of Sonia in a different direction by adding a soft, internal glow to accompany the well-defined silhouettes. The combination of hard-lined silhouette with a graduating internal glow creates the effect of a body heat map.


Nick Fancher is a photographer, author, and educator who specializes in dramatic lighting, often employing the use of bold colors and experimental camera techniques. He is particularly known for his efficient method of working, which is with the use of minimal gear, often in unconventional locations. Nick graduated from Ohio State with a BFA in photography in 2005 and has authored several books on his techniques including Studio Anywhere 1 & 2 and Chroma. He is currently available for photo commissions worldwide.
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Model: Sonia Elise Constable