Gauzy Glamour

Essay 248 • Jan 31st 2018

This set of images was a collaboration between model Ciena Rae Nelson and myself, with the help of stylist Romy Itzigsoh.

Romy had this golden chainmail dress that was such an interesting texture and color, and I thought that atmosphere could add another layer of texture to the image. I worked with Ciena to create a mood that was stark but intimate.

One of the things about photography that is so gratifying is that you can accomplish interesting results with a minimum of equipment and people. As a cinematographer, I am used to working with a crew and a lot of equipment. My photography on the other hand is usually just me wanting to experiment with shaping natural light, or in this case, working with a minimal amount of lighting.

Elisha Christian is a cinematographer working in both film and television. His latest feature film, Columbus, premiered at Sundance and has been nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards. His latest project is the Netflix original series, Everything Sucks!, releasing February 16.
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Model: Ciena Rae Nelson
Stylist: Romy Itzigsoh