Winter Games

Essay 401 • Aug 5th 2019

The snow has taken over the mountains and the winter athletes are entering into the photography studio as they end their events for the day. My Olympic Mockumentary embodies high camp and portrays the exaggerated humor of the winter games through the characters I have created. Extremely stylized in personality and activewear, the athletes character traits are evident in each photographic frame. Shooting on an old marble backdrop, I am making my viewers believe they are looking at real photographs of the professional athletes, yet making them question its authenticity. Fake characteristics such as the mustache worn by my snowboarder athlete is obvious it is not real, yet it is questionable and forces my viewers to take another look.

Inspired by Susan Sontag in her essay Notes on Camp, she reflects on the ideas of high camp and how bad taste is good taste and camps ideas of failed seriousness. Creating this world, I am allowing my viewers to live inside my head for a period of time and through this mockumentary it is an indescribable era that is only my own.


Beth Sacca is a photographer who creates her own fictional world inspired by films, memories and kitsch themes. Exaggerating objects or ideas in an ironic or humorous way, Beth creates photographs and mixed media projects relating to the style of high camp. Having grown up hiking the Adirondack mountains, she uses the colors and light found in nature while reflecting nostalgia in her photographs. Often, she is intrigued by pastel tones and suburban life that feels a little too perfect.
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