The Photographic Journal

Mere Image

Essay 395 • Jun 10th 2019

I don’t really know how to explain it all, but I’ll do the best I can with the words I know.

It came to me like a dream. I was standing in the middle of a desert, I could feel their eyes watching me, but there was no one to be seen. No one, except myself. I looked me in the eyes and my eyes stared back. “What do you want from me” I said. “You will speak when you are spoken to” he replied.

He told me, “I am not who you think you are.”
He told me, “You must lose yourself if you are to find me.”
He told me, “I want you to understand, but first you must forget.”
He told me, “You are a mere image, for I am the one who imagined you.”
He told me, “If you really want to see what matters you must look into my eyes.”

There I saw all of history swallowed up into one still point. A single breath of light, teetering on the edge of void, and then darkness. What he showed me next, I have no way of describing, so instead I will try to show you.


Caleb Raney is a Graphic Designer and Photographer based in the LA area. He grew up in Sri Lanka and lived there until he moved to La Mirada where he is currently going to school at Biola University. After graduating in May 2019 he is hoping to stay in the LA area, make a living somehow, and continue to make art.

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