The Photographic Journal


Essay 145 • May 12th 2017

These images are based around dreams- the process of falling asleep, and turning into a character in your subconscious mind. The characters and stories that come to me in dreams are often the inspiration behind the photos I take—less so the specific details, but more in the sense that everything is hazy, nostalgic, and tinged with colors and déjà vu. In these images, I wanted to convey that feeling as well as portray a sense of whimsy and childlike wonder through glitter, angel wings, and hand painted and cut details on the images to enhance this blue, sleepy feeling.


Savana Ogburn is a photographer, avid DIYer, and pop music enthusiast located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. She is in love with technicolor hues and telling surreal stories with her art.

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Model: Marc Taylor Phillips
Grooming: Christopher Parungao