The Photographic Journal

King of Pentacles

Essay 416 • Nov 18th 2019

Beauty to me, is expressed in simplicity and the serendipity of moments. It exists outside of sexuality, perfection, and expectations. My vision of beauty is purely centered around the strength of one's connection to nature, the curiosity of one's mind, and the purity of one's intentions. With this shoot, I wanted to express just that.

Water is an element that I feel most drawn and connected to, so the ocean felt like the most obvious choice. It forces me to be present, calms my inner turmoils and evokes something primal and mysterious in me that I don't get to feel unless I'm next to it. I'm fascinated by water's interaction with the female body, and it has been a theme in my photography for the past 2 years. There's something very pure yet enigmatic and magical in the shapes and patterns it creates.


Vlasta Pilot is a Russian-born, NY- trained portrait photographer currently based in Los Angeles.

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