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Essay 534 • Sep 24th 2023

Vegetation is a joyful celebration of the natural, unedited and uninhibited female body. This is a collaborative work between myself and the brilliant artist SilYeah B. Free. Her somewhat hairy body was the primary source of inspiration for this series and we wanted to incorporate her bodily texture into the vegetation surrounding her. Her poses are not vulgar or trying to entice the male gaze. SilYeah is representing play, confidence and curiosity and at the same time she is nature, a dragon and a wild spirit.


Linn Heidi Stokkedal is a Norwegian photographer based in Bergen on the west coast. Since 2008 she has specialised in analog color film processes within photography. Stokkedal is mostly known for her use of locations and natural light to capture authentic and relaxed portraits and stories.
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Silyeah B. Free is Silyeah B. Free. Currenty operating from Bergen, Norway. Healer, lover, channelor, peace activator, dragon, heartist. Mostly known for singing in the street on a daily basis. And being naked in the forest winter time.