The Renaissance Men

Essay 495 • Mar 21st 2022

This series was an honest approach to bring photography and sculpting together. To make an analogy between the renaissance era when artists used to create nude sculptures and paintings freely, without being worried about the public display and the modern era when nude artists are getting banned by platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

I wanted to ask a question via this series, "why can these pictures not be displayed openly in any public forums?" If Michelangelo's David can be put up in a museum and people from all age groups can visit it, then why not nude art photographs? I belong to a country where nudity in art is still a topic not being discussed openly. People find it shameful. Where is the line that defines what's art and what's not?

This series was a collaboration with clay artists Pankaj Dhumone, Kapil Alaskar, Mukesh Verma, Mandar Kadam.


This is Danny (Dinesh), I am a nude art photographer based in India. Occasionally I paint and write. I find art, photography, poetry are my ways of life and nothing is more fulfilling than these.

Lead model and concept: Pankaj Dhumole
Assist in set design : Mukesh Verma, Mandar Kadam, Kapil Alaskar