The Photographic Journal

The Hours are Full

Essay 229 • Dec 8th 2017

This summer, the days felt longer, the hours more colorful, and the new people I've met even more exciting. 

With new friends, what comes out of our interactions is always unexpected, and in a way, that's kind of magical; people revealing themselves to each other all over again, things feel young again. 

Places I once visited or worked at now have a new memory attached to them, like the footprints of a moment are still, phantomly, ever-present. 

For me, when the colors and the people are so vivid, the images and the memories are that much stronger, and I hope we get to feel young again, just a little longer.


Brian Lau (under the pseudonym Zerkalou) is a documentary and fashion photographer based in Seattle, WA. His work is influenced heavily by cinematic themes, with a focus on color, intimacy, and recurring visual motifs of idyllic suburban and rural settings.

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