Alley Cat

Essay 418 • Dec 2nd 2019

Lately I’ve been wandering around my Venice, CA neighborhood, scouting locations and making notes about alleys I like here. It’s been fun and challenging to shoot so close to home. I usually have a plan, but lately I’ve enjoyed winging it with only a few details. There’s something relaxed about it that way.

Cori is a talented artist. We’ve talked about shooting together for awhile. Much like me, she’s lived in both Atlanta and Los Angeles. For this shoot, we mixed in some bright, playful colors as well as a vintage Garfield sweatshirt. I’m glad we made the time to putz around and chase some light.


Jason Travis is a photographer, designer, illustrator, and musician based in Los Angeles. His work has been featured by CNN, USA Today, Gizmodo, BuzzFeed, BOOOOOOOM, and many more. He’s allergic to cats, carrots, and will forever love the 90s.
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Model: Cori Maass

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