The Photographic Journal

Modern Monarch

Essay 373 • Mar 4th 2019

My work usually features powerful female subjects drenched in fun bright color, so I wanted to challenge myself to find inspiration in male subjects and see what comes out of it. Luca has such a striking look, exuded a calm confidence in front of the camera. I've realized I tend to photograph male subjects in a slightly feminine way in order to show strength in vulnerability, a balance of masculine and feminine. Males aren't usually taught that vulnerability is something they should possess, much less find strength in. In Modern Monarch, Luca is unguarded but unafraid; embracing power in emotion.


Joelle Grace Rosen is an editorial and portrait photographer. Her “retro-dream-grunge” style combines energetic color with a timeless aesthetic to create images that provoke emotion and exude style.
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Model: Luca Gioia
MUA: Serena Jenkins