Headed to Church (Ave.)

Essay 171 • Jul 19th 2017

I'm not stupid, I know, I know train series have been done before.

Like most street photography it captures a gamut of people & situations in split seconds. Using the train as a focal point, however, captures the forced intimacy that metal doors and plastic seats only a few feet from each other create. This project differs because it's an attempt to capture the last of the G train as it was. Since 2013, G train ridership has outpaced the citywide rate (2.6%), with an average of 8.2% more riders at stops in North Brooklyn in 2015 than the year before, according to data from the MTA. When the L train closes next year, MTA estimates that it will see an additional 160% bump. To offset that they will be doubling the number of train cars from 4 to 8 (the length of all other trains) and increased service.

It's time for this train to change drastically, potentially for the better. So I am capturing it as it is now, the lovable conduit between Brooklyn and Queens that is often erratic, late and full of character.


Aundre Larrow

I am Brooklyn-based but rep my home state of Florida and the country of Jamaica because I’m a complex guy. I have shot portraits for New York Fashion Week and Levi’s, and am currently an Adobe Creative resident working on projects that ask the question: How does our sense of place impact us?