Consumed Reflection

Essay 308 • Jul 6th 2018

I wanted to shoot with a mirror. That’s where it started. I thought it would be an interesting way to explore the concept of self-love. There is ego in fashion, but there is also a strength that comes from feeling confident in how you look; in what you are wearing. 
I had never worked with Angela before, and when she arrived I was immediately drawn to her aura, her sultry gaze and corded hair. Without much preamble, she began to interact with her reflection with a sort of lustful attraction. This led us to ask, is an esteem like this empowering or destructive? 
The series that follows is an exploration of reflection, and how it can ultimately consume you.


Jess Wasson is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based out of Columbus, OH. Her work is injected with the same buzzing energy, passion and color that consumes her daily life.
Always in search of a greater meaning, she sees photography as a way to initiate conversations with the world, and provide momentary relief to those around her.
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Stylist: Karmen Dann
Make-up: Kellie Keck
Model: Angela Jernigan