The Photographic Journal

Rey Bae

Essay 278 • Apr 16th 2018

“Rey Bae" follows a young queer latino man throughout his day in lthe atino haven that is Los Angeles. We went all over the city to latino staples including the Flower District, Olvera Street, MacArthur Park, La Mascota Bakery and Mariachi Plaza. Our character’s journey through the city and in and out of his unapologetic glamorous outfits all represent his spirit and his emotions. The series celebrates being yourself, outside in the open, and accepting all your beautiful emotions.


Nolwen Cifuentes is a portrait & editorial photographer living in Los Angeles. Her work explores and deconstructs social and human designs. She is interested in emotional and visual storytelling.

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Model: Jacob Andrew

Stylist: Jen Martin

Assistant: Gabriela Manevich