Secret Valentine

Essay 122 • Mar 10th 2017

I visited two friends of mine who have been dating for several years. They were only platonic friends for the first four years, but deep in their hearts they already knew they had feelings for each other. However, they were afraid that taking things further could put their friendship at risk. When they entered their fifth year, they had an opportunity to take a trip into the wilderness, and one of them couldn’t stop admiring her friend, feeling that she just couldn’t stand it anymore. So that night, when they were at the campsite, she finally told her friend that she wanted more. The other girl just nodded her head and hugged her friend without saying a word. They have been lovers ever since.

One of them told me that her girlfriend has this weird habit of biting her nose when they kiss. Although she initially hated it, she eventually grew fond of it when she saw her girlfriend laughing afterwards.

I could see the love floating in the room when I recorded this series.



Li Hui is an fashion, portrait and fine art photographer who often focuses on youth, nature, intimacy. She is currently working on her new book.
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