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Back Then…

Essay 432 • Mar 16th 2020

While touching on everything from the fashion to music and social climate of a time where black culture was booming despite marginalization during these decades, this story takes a step back into the life of three African American siblings in the 1970s and 1980s.


At her core, Sage East is an innovative lifestyle and editorial photographer and aspiring creative director. But beyond that, she is a visual storyteller with the uncanny ability to transport her audience to moments that evoke emotions through her content.

Born, raised and based in New York, Sage chose to pursue photography after seeing it as an opportunity to visually speak volumes. Being constantly inspired by the style and swag surrounding her, it should come as no surprise that Sage credits her unearthed passion for lifestyle fashion and editorial fashion photography to the influences of her environment.

Like any artist, Sage has put in time to perfect her craft by being both behind the lens and behind the scenes, coming up with creative concepts that bring whatever vision she is working on to life. She possesses the ability to pull from past influences and inspirations while still presenting her clients with a fresh take. With every collaboration, Sage is dedicated to the final vision.
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