The Photographic Journal


Essay 494 • Mar 6th 2022

I have recently been working on longer-term projects and started to feel slightly burned out. I needed to produce something fun and light in one day. I love the range of emotion and talent that actor Maddie Jewell has, so I pitched her on making a series of headshots. We would lock in the lighting and camera and work through a shot list of emotions, transitioning from distresses to love to joy, among others to be presented in a large grid.

After working through our list, we did a quick wardrobe and lighting setup change to produce a different series of photos of Maddie in an incredible green suit.

Our intention for the day was to create, have fun and reset in the studio, and we did just that.


Alan Winslow is a photographer and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. He has spent his career alternating between editorial, commercial and long-term, grant-funded, and public art projects.
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Actor/Writer: Maddie Jewell (she/they)
Makeup Artist: Jessica Lazell
Assistant: Jeff Lazell