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In Between

Essay 404 • Aug 26th 2019

These photos were taken during the scarce free time I had between takes of a corporative video I was doing in the Cape Verde archipelago. I spoke with the locals about the connection they still have with Portugal. Unlike other countries that were colonized by Portugal, Cape Verde has a close and enduring relationship with Portugal. Cabo Verdianos speak excellent Portuguese, they see Portuguese tv channels, buy Portuguese brands, and follow our football league and clubs.

Aderito, a local that worked with a shipping company, said that they don't feel Africans; they feel European. Later on, while talking with Michelle, another local, he said the same thing. That sentence stuck on my mind.

We need to remind ourselves that Cape Verde wasn't inhabited before the Portuguese got there. The islands became a huge slavery supermarket in the 15th and 16th century. As a result, the people there are a mix between the Europeans that went to make a living there, and the African slaves that were brought there to be sold.

Cape Verdians are forever In Between civilizations, In Between continents, In Between ages.


Nuno Serrão

Hi. I am a photographer, cinematographer and creative director, born in Madeira Island, Portugal.
All my life I have found comfort in minimalism, art, and science. The first one has probably something to do with the way I handle information, science has driven my curiosity to places it would be impossible to reach without it, and art, well, art is always in the middle, finding ways to encompass views of life into frames and stories.
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